This, Pretty Much


Defining Definitions

Why is identity politics poison? Because its putting the group above the self. Labels over the individual.

Look, nobody should care if you’re gay, straight, trans, black, white, hispanic, genderfluid, male, female, or anything else. Nobody should judge you for things that are out of your control.

What you should be judged for are your deeds, your thoughts, your ideas. Nothing more.

Collectivist thinking is cancerous.

Don’t define yourself by what you are.
Define yourself by who you are.

They are not the same.


Or, you know, keep it up, and the rest of us will just watch your different groups eat each other.


Meritocratical Musing

Most of us aren’t homophobic, we’re homobored. We don’t care about your sexuality. Why would we? Your sexuality does not define it. Just like your race doesn’t. What you can’t decide can never define you unless you let it. Which is why identity politics is such poison.